Light, Colour and View.

10 Oct 18

We feel passionately about improving the way people use and feel about the buildings we create. As architects we have a rare and unique opportunity to improve people’s lives through our work.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to speak about some of our research work and the impact it can have on people’s mental health. Taking one very small area, we reflected on the impact of light, colour and view on people’s perceptions and state of mind.

With a short exploration of circadian rhythms and the impact of positive sleep patterns we went on to discuss how architects can use colour and light to the benefit of students in education establishments. The issues around mental health are becoming increasingly understood and discussed openly and we have a role to play in improving health and well-being.

We further explored the role of view and the benefits can have on people state of mind. In the time we had we could only scratch the surface of this extremely important subject.

Many thanks to the Forum for the Built Environment and my fellow panelists..